What is your damaged goods policy? / How do I report a damaged good?

Damaged goods must be reported to Hand + Fire within 48 hours of the delivery date for a refund to be issued.

Shipping cost will not be refunded.

A photo of the damaged piece, along with the box and packaging with all labels visible is required to be sent to Hand + Fire with the report. (Email to handandfire@gmail.com)

Damages outside of the 2 day limit will not be refunded as time sensitive insurance claims will be expired.

Refund or exchange of product will be discussed on a case to case basis.


Hand + Fire is not responsible for tax or custom charges. Please keep in mind that you may need to pay customs fees upon pick up of your parcel.

How do I care for my H+F item?

All items sold by Hand + Fire are food safe. 

Wares made of solely ceramic are microwave and dishwasher safe--no hand washing is necessary although it is recommended.

Utensils that combine metal/wood/ceramic are not dishwasher friendly, as the wood will become rough with exposure to a lot of water.

Items decorated in gold luster/accented with wood are not microwave friendly.

In order to re-hydrate your wood utensil, use a food safe oil to rub on the surface allowing the oil to fully saturate the wood. I recommend walnut oil or bees wax board butter, which can be found at your local hardware store/supermarket.

I work hard to continuously provide my customers with the best quality wares that I can offer. If you have a question about the care or safety of your item, please shoot me a message by clicking here.

How often do you update your shop?

As the single maker of H&F, I work hard to continuously keep up with new products, regular shop restocking, and customer requests. I tend to update my shop once a month with multiples of items ranging from popular product restocks to mini updates of new designs. 

If you have something you want to see in the next update, let me know! I'll try to work it in.

How quickly should I expect my parcel to arrive?

Ready to ship items:

My shop assistant ships out packages every Thursday after an order is received. Packages are taken to the USPS post office here in my little town on the following Friday. If within the US you can expect your package in 3-5 business days once shipped. Worldwide shipments should be to you in 5-15 business days. Please keep in mind that once an item leaves the H+F Studio to be shipped abroad, it is in the jurisdiction of the receiving countries postal service and customs. It is the buyers responsibility to contact your countries postal services or customs to locate a package, as the seller is no longer in possession of the item once it leaves the US. Please check your email for a tracking number.

Custom orders:

Custom items tend to be shipped within 3-4 weeks after an order is placed. Ceramics need time to dry and in somewhere as rainy as the PNW, sometimes they dry much slower than desired. I'll make sure to keep you updated on the progress of your wares.

What is a “Second” or “Secondary” product?

Seconds are pieces that don’t meet aesthetic quality standards or are made as test products that didn’t make the cut for regular H+F sale. The imperfections in the finish do not affect the integrity of the piece.

Many makers throw these wares out, but in my practice of sustainability and reuse I prefer to offer them at reduced rates to reflect their visual impurities.

Giving room for imperfections allows for more accessibility for my customers and a less-wasteful practice.

Examples of seconds:

  1. A pour over cone with a hairline split in the surface of the glaze. These splits do not interfere with the integrity of the piece.

  2. A dish with a small “S” fracture in the base. This fracture does not go entirely through or interfere with the integrity of the plates’ function.

By purchasing H+F products you are acknowledging that:

• Each item is HANDMADE and will show the marks of this process. Each piece is unique, bearing the same colors and similarities, with differences in applications of glaze and slight variations in size. 

• All wares are made with attention to detail including remnants of the hand at work and intentional “imperfections”.

• All items are food safe.

• Most* items are dishwasher and microwave friendly.

     *Pieces that include wood should not be microwaved or dish washed, doing so will compromise the finish of your product

     *Wares that have gold accents cannot be microwaved—this will be noted clearly within the description.

     *Some pieces with wood/cork/metal accents are held together with a non-toxic and food-safe glue, these wares should not be microwaved.

• Function is tested and unless otherwise noted (seconds), this piece will function completely as it is advertised.

• H+F is a one woman business, please keep in mind that returns cannot be made for any reason beyond receiving the wrong product. (This rarely happens, but hey, I’m human. Bear with me.)


Please remember to be kind when purchasing handmade. These items are loved from the minute they are made to the second they’re sent out to you. You are bringing a piece of H+F and myself into your home.