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Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Hand + Fire Studio Hand! 

This will be a once a week/maybe more (as needed and your schedule allows) opportunity to work as a Studio Hand for the H+F studio in Saint Helens, Oregon. You’ll be expected to work side by side with me, Sage Cortez, to create and help with the daily tasks of maintaining and operating a pottery studio. I am looking for someone who is self motivated, quick, and detail oriented to assist in the following tasks:

-Upkeep the cleanliness of the studio

-Ship orders

-Manage inventory + shipping logistics

-Prepare items for fire

-Load / unload the kiln

-Work hands on in clay designing and assisting where necessary, the production of ceramic wares

Someone with some previous skills in working with clay, who wants to expand their practice to learn the ins and outs of a functioning studio, would be a great applicant for a Studio Hand. 

While you’re here I will also be giving you access to the tools and equipment of my pottery studio for your own use once work is completed—essentially an open studio time to make what you wish.


*must be able to lift 50lbs repetitively

*minimal computer skills are necessary 

If you’re ready to jump on the tasks of an artists studio as a independent Studio Hand, please submit the form below.

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If not, do you have any experience in another craft?
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Would you be interested in helping around the H+F Studio as a short-term assistant ? *
Basically, once an assistant is found, I would like to also give the opportunity to very interested folks, a chance to work with me as needed for a small period of time. This would be best for students seeking to expand their knowledge in a pottery studio for a short period or for an aspiring artist to get more experience in the field.
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