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Wetlands Butter Bell (French Butter Dish)

Wetlands Butter Bell (French Butter Dish)

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Butter bell crock with loop handle (French butter dish) in brilliant white, rust, and deep chocolate. Made with the Oregon wetlands in mind.

Dishwasher and microwave safe, hand wash recommended

Bell holds about 13 oz of butter.

Approximately 4.5 inches tall by 4 in diameter

Cold butter is no longer a problem in the house with the help of this French design.

Simply add about a quarter inch of water at the base of the crock, scoop your favorite butter into the bell, and put the bell lid back on the crock—you’re ready to go! .

The water creates a room temperature atmosphere for the butter to keep soft and spreadable year round, as well as creating a seal to keep out any pests/kitties or bacteria. .

While I know some of us are iffy about crocks, this is an easy and efficient option for those willing to try them out for a first go, as well as for those experienced in them. The main difference from a regular butter dish is that these take a bit of upkeep to maintain freshness—this is quickly done by replacing the water every 3 days to assure quality. .

If you’re someone who still likes the idea, but doesn’t want the upkeep, they hold butter excellently without the water as well! I pour mine out when I know I won’t be using it as quickly, or when I leave for a vacation. .

I’m a big supporter of living simply and effectively for your lifestyle—if something works for you, that’s great, if it doesn’t, do it another way!

Not only will your butter stay smooth and spreadable, it will also sit cleanly and stylishly on your counter!

In warm weather conditions it is best to change your butter bell water out every 3 days.

May not work in all climates.

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