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Tulip Tumbler

Tulip Tumbler


Tulip Tumbler in brilliant white + straw matte.

Dishwasher and microwave safe, hand wash recommended.

4.5” tall x 3” in diameter, will hold about 12oz at capacity

This straw-like orange color has been one of the most frustrating for me to get right with my dark clay as it’s a matte (notoriously difficult in itself) and it wants to thin to the point of being a dingy ochre/orange. Finally all went accordingly and I get to see it’s toasted marshmallowly irregularities as they’re mean to be.

The top half is glazed in brilliant white, allowing the small divots in the surface of the rough stoneware finish to create the tiniest of speckling after fire. I considered filling these pinholes before the kiln, but opted to keep them as they are merely aesthetic freckling and the interior is fully and nicely covered.

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