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Tealight Teapot Warmer

Tealight Teapot Warmer


Tealight Teapot/Carafe Warmer 

Simply add a tealight candle into the vessel of the warmer, pop on the top, and set your coffee/tea pot on top to keep it warm for however long it takes you to enjoy your morning or evening rituals. .

These warmers are not only a great addition to any tea lovers home, but they go with any Hand + Fire pot to keep your hot beverages warm for as long as you like. (I’ll be using mine more for my coffee carafe.) .

Caution, they do get hot, so please don’t go grabbing at the lid immediately. Blow out the candle through the many holes and let it sit to cool. (Also please only use a tealight candle, a flame poking through like pictured is just for showing what this guy is for, you don’t want to shock your pot with direct flame!) .

Approximately 4.5” in diameter by 2.5” tall

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