Wholesale is available for most H&F items, larger pieces are accomodated at smaller quantities.

Items cannot be mixed and matched. A minimum of ten of the same item must be purchased to consider wholesale. 

*Wholesale timelines will vary depending on the items your company is looking at. *

Below is a brief overveiw on item time frames:

MUGS/POUR OVER CONES/SMALL PLATES, BOWLS, OR PINCH DISHES-- typically 8 weeks production time

BOWLS/DINNER PLATES-- 12 weeks production time

COFFEE BREWERS (ie. single piece pour overs, detachable pour overs)/TEAPOTS/DINNER SETS-- 14-16 weeks production time

Items will be shipped through USPS. Shipping price will be made accordingly to your order size.

As always, if you have questions, please ask! I'd love to work with you.