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2 DAY TUMBLER WORKSHOP for beginning makers (August 29th + September 12th)

2 DAY TUMBLER WORKSHOP for beginning makers (August 29th + September 12th)




This is a slab building course for beginning makers in clay to build your own set of 4 tumblers.

LOCATED IN SAINT HELENS, OREGON at the Hand + Fire Pottery Studio

251 Saint Helens Street, Saint Helens, OR, 97051

The price of this workshop includes all supplies necessary to make a set of tumblers. Refreshments are provided.

Supplies + Equipment:

-chocolate stoneware clay

-glaze assortment

-needle tool



-paint brushes



-carving tools

-rolling pin

-kiln firing (this happens twice and allots for the 2 week class gap to provide adequate dry time)

-slab roller



-banding wheel

This is a 2 day course from beginning to end of making a set of 4 tumblers. Each day starts at 6pm, a demo will be given first thing, and making processes will take place right after.

Workshop schedule:

2 day course

Day 1: (6pm - 9pm)

  • Tumbler building demo

  • Creative Planning (Drawing up ideas to then bring to life)

  • Making + assembly of all parts

  • Preparation for bisque kiln firing

Day 2: (6pm - 9pm)

  • Sanding

  • Glazing

  • Preparation for glaze fire

Pick up will happen 2 weeks after final class date.

By purchasing this course, you are acknowledging that you are responsible for your own safety and will not hold Hand + Fire / Sage Cortez accountable for any negligence. You are acknowledging that if you are to damage a piece of equipment, you are responsible to replace or reimburse for damages. Attendance is necessary for lessons. If you do not show up on the day of instruction without one week notice, reimbursement will not be given. If you cancel up to a week beforehand, full reimbursement will be given, but not later. Lastly, (and we always pray to kiln gods that it doesn’t occur, but…) any damage to a ceramic object during fire is just a part of the craft, therefore Hand + Fire is not responsible for losses.

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