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MUG WORKSHOP -- 2 day course

MUG WORKSHOP -- 2 day course


Learn to make a set of 4 unique mugs from start to finish!

LOCATED IN SAINT HELENS, OREGON at the Hand + Fire Pottery Studio

245 South 1st ST, Saint Helens, Or

The price of this workshop includes all supplies necessary to make your set of coffee mugs. Refreshments (alcoholic and other) are provided.

Supplies + Equipment:

-10 lbs of chocolate stoneware or porcelain clay (students choice)

-glaze assortment

-needle tool



-paint brushes



-carving tools

-rolling pin

-kiln firing (this happens twice and allots for the 2 week class gap to provide adequate dry time)

-slab roller



-banding wheel

This is a 2 day beginner level course of 3 hours each day on the basics of slab building.

Learn the foundation to rolling a slab, forming the body of a mug, attaching the base and handle, and preparing your work for fire. The second day is dedicated towards glazing and decoration of your 4 mugs.

Workshop schedule:

Day one (Workshop 1:June 27th / Workshop 2:June 29th) will be an introduction to the materials and tools, a demonstration of mug building, and finally the making of your 4 mugs.

Day two (Workshop 1:July 11th / Workshop 2:July 13th) is dedicated to glazing demonstrations, decoration via finishing techniques of the bisque fired mugs, and the loading of the kiln.

Pick up of the mugs will be 2 weeks from the second class day.

This is an adult workshop, exceptions can be made on a case to case basis.

By purchasing this course, you are acknowledging that you are responsible for your own safety and will not hold Hand + Fire / Sage Cortez accountable for any negligence. You are acknowledging that if you are to damage a piece of equipment, you are responsible to replace or reimburse for damages.

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